Department Activities

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1. 06.04.18 A One Day State Level Seminar on Understanding Feminism Across Boundaries and Cultures 348
Dr. N. Geetha, Head , Department of English, Mother Teresa Women’s University, Kodaikanal
Dr. S. Kanitha, Former Head, Department of English APA College, Palani.
Ms. P. Selvi., Associate Professor and Head, Department of English, APA College Palani.
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2 12.09.2019 A One Day State Level Workshop on English Language Teaching- Pedagogical Changes and Challenges 400
Dr. D. E. Benet, Vice Principal, Associate Prof of English, National College, Trichy
Dr. T.S. Varadharajan, Assistant Professor of English, Thiygarajar College, Madurai
Dr. P. Jeyapriya , Associate Professor and Head, Department of English and Foreign Language, Mother Teresa Women’s University Kodaikanal.
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3 20.12.2019 A One Day National Level Seminar on Content and Language Integrated Learning For ESL Students 434
Dr. T. Jeyasudha, Deputy Director, National, Instructional Media, Institute Ministry of skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Chennai.
Dr.A.Vasudevan, Associate Professor and Head, Department of English, Government Arts College, Kulithalai.
Dr. P.Vasuki, Associate Professor and Head Department of English , government Thirumagal Mills College, Gudiyatham.
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4. 09.06.2021 National Virtual Seminar on Indian Writing in English: Publication and Research. 160 Dr.P. Laxmi Prasad, Assistant Professor, Department of English University Arts College, Satavahana University,Karimnagar, Telangana - -View Report
5 02.07.2021 International Virtual Seminar on Requisites of a Literary Mind   Dr. Maria Mercy Amutha Amalraj, Assistant Professor, College of Applied Medical Sciences, English Language Institute, Jazan University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.    
6 25.09.21 International Virtual Seminar on Embracing the New Normal in English Language Education 122
Dr. H.C. Aslam Khan Senior Academic Executive Chairman Group, Malaysia.
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7 28.01.2022 A One Day Webinar on Introduction to Literary Theories and Application of Literary Theories in Research Articles 55
Dr. M. Rajaram, Assistant Prof. of English,MVMCollege, Dindigul.
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Department Activities in collaboration with IQAC

1. 2021 03.05.2021 A One- Day Webinar on Kankal Pesum (Eye Health Awareness Programme)
Dr. J. Vijay Ananth,
MBBS., DO., DNB., FICO., FRCS (Glasg)
2 2021 11.05.2021 A One- Day Webinar on Soft Skills
Dr. Jelince Dhinakar Abraham.,
Asistant Professor in Business Amnistration., Chikkanna
3 2021 12.05.2021 A One- Day Webinar on Covid-19 among Students.
Dr. M. Saravanan M.E., Ph.D
Vice President,
Indian Red Cross Society,Dindigul District Branch.
4 2021 18.05.2021 A One- Day Webinar on Tools for Effective Communication
Mr. Lokesh Babu,
Managing Director and Head Trainer,Lady Hawk English Academy,Coimbatore.
5 2021 19.05.2021 A One- Day Webinar on Ethics of Communication
Dr. L. Ronald David,
Assistant Professor of English,
Bishop Heber College
6 2021 21.06.2021 A One- Day Webinar on Yoga Awareness Programme ( Udal Nalam, Mana Nalam Penum Yoga Payirchi)
Dr. R. Karthika Devi.,
M. A.,(English and History), M.C.J., SET., NET., M.Phil., Ph.D.,
Assistant Professor of English
M.V. Muthiah Government College,Dindigul.

Intercollegiate Competitions Conducted by Department Of English: (2020- 2021)

1. 05.05.2021 Essay Writing: "My Dream India" or "Agriculture is the need of the hour"
Dr. S. Jesurajan, Assosiate Professor and Head of Enlgish,
Arul Anandar College( Autonomous),Madurai.
1.Dr. P. Enola Arutchelvi Parvatha,
Associate Professor of English
2.Dr. H.Surya Prabha,
Assistant Professor of English,
3. Dr. M. Sakthivel,
Assistant Professorof English,
4. Dr. K.M. Sumathi,
Assistant Professorof English,
2 06.05.2021 Short Story Writing: Participants Choice
Dr. M. Rajaram ,
Assistant Professor of English,
M.V. Muthiah Government College,Dindigul.
3 07.05.2021 Verse Writing:"Corona Breakout"
Dr. H. Surya Prabha
Assistant Professor of English,
M.V. Muthiah Government College,Dindigul.
4 13.05.2021 Elocution: “Women in Nation Building”
Dr. G.S. Angelin, Associate Professor and Head of English,
Mrs. P. Hemalatha,Assistant Professor of English,
M.V. Muthiah Government College,Dindigul.