POs & PSOs



Programme Objectives:

  • To develop a critical understanding of the literary texts.
  • To interpret and appreciate the didactic purpose of Literary works.
  • To analyse and enjoy literature.
  • To develop language skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.
  • To develop Competency in the discipline. So that the Students become employable.

Programme Specific Outcomes:

  • The Students recognize and appreciate different genres in literature.
  • Evaluation of the literary works are done through the critical thinking of the students.
  • Choose alternative career through dramatics and creative writing.
  • Appreciate the beauty and value of the classics.



Programme Objectives:

  • To develop and integrate language skills and critical thinking.
  • To develop the skills is analyzing and interpreting the literary texts.
  • To expose students to the literary texts English from different parts of the world.
  • To elicit pleasure and instruction from works of literature through imbibing abiding human and moral values from the great pieces of literature.
  • To introduce students to critical theories and involve them into research work. (Writing Research articles and Project).

Programme Specific Outcome:

  • With the critical perspective, students analyse and interpret the works of writers.
  • Knowledge of different theories expands their Critical thinking and it helps them to do their project.
  • Students are motivated to take up research further.
  • Competency in the discipline makes them employable and they are motivated to choose alternative career through dramatics and creative writing. 



Programme Objectives:

  • To learn the forms of Discourse.
  • To identify the need for Research.
  • To expose the scholars to latest Critical approaches and theories to enable them to interpret the work of great authors from different angles.
  • To be well versed in methodology.

Programme Specific Outcome:

  • To prepare the tools and apply them in their research work.
  • To expose width and depth of critical thinking through research work using the correct methodology.