POs & PSOs


B.Sc. Physics

PO Upon completion of B.Sc. Degree Programme, the graduates will be able to :
PO - 1 Apply the acquired scientific knowledge to face day to day needs.
PO - 2 Create innovative ideas through laboratory experiments.
PO - 3 Carry out field works and projects independently and in collaboration with other institution.
PO - 4 Reflect upon green initiatives and take responsible steps to build a sustainable environment.
PO - 5 Face challenging competitive examinations that offer rewarding careers in science and education.
PO - 6 Impart communicative skills and ethical values.
PO - 7 Equip students with hands on training through various courses to enhance entrepreneurship skills.


PSO Upon completion of B.Sc. Degree Programme, the graduates of Physics will be able to :
PSO - 1 Understand the core theories and principles of physics which include mechanics, thermodynamics, electronics, material science etc.
PSO - 2 Develop extensive comprehension of fundamental and diverse applications of Physics.
PSO - 3 Apply knowledge of principles, concepts in Physics and analyze their local,national and global impact.
PSO - 4 Apply the critical reasoning and computing skills to analyze and solve problems in physics.
PSO - 5 Analyze the observed experimental data and relate the results with theoretical expectations.
PSO - 6 Communicate appropriately and effectively, in a scientific context using present technology.
PSO - 7 Develop entrepreneurial skills, empowered according to the professional requirement and become self-dependent.
PSO - 8 Understand the professional, ethical, legal, security, social issues and responsibilities.