Vision & Mission


  • The Department aspires to provide the best scientific methods in teaching the basic principles of physics, both theoretical and experimental, and puts most of time to keep the level of education, scientific research and community service.


  • Vision statements also define our organization’s purpose, but they focus on its goals and aspirations.
  • These statements are designed to be uplifting and inspiring.Support and encourage the scientific cooperation between faculty members in the department and cooperation with other departments in the field of multi-purpose research.


  • Configure a basic of physics curriculum and smooth study plan.
  • Provide a sophisticated level of education for teaching of undergraduate and graduate studies.
  • Prepare the student in assets of physics and the principles of analytical methods required for the conclusion of physical tests.
  • Provide an opportunity for students to deepen his knowledge in the branches of physics so that views on the outskirts of contemporary science.
  • Training the students on the way of scientific research and enable it to contribute to it under the supervision.
  • Rehabilitation of the student in-depth knowledge of the extent of scientific maturity can participate effectively in the scientific and technical aspects of the development and planning programs.
  • Work in the completion of applied research, basic scientific research, experimental, theoretical and applied.
  • To contribute to consulting services, training, short courses, solve scientific and industrial problems.
  • Continued development of faculty members by sending them for training courses so as to maintain a high degree of efficiency and performance.
  • Spread the spirit of competition and encouragement and give the opportunity to all members.
  • Preparation of national cadres by basic physics and knowledge that contribute to community service.