The department of physical education has infrastructures for all the indoor and outdoor games. It is headed by a Dr. V. Rajalakshmi, Department of Economics is in - charge of Physical Directress , Director of Physical Education. The activities are carried out throughout the year.

Adequate facilities are available in the college campus for both outdoor and indoor sports and games for the students to practice and also to conduct the inter-department and inter-collegiate sports and tournaments.

The college has teams in all disciplines of sports and games. Uniforms are provided for all the players who represent the college. Talent hunt is done every year among the students and talented players are identified and included in the college team. In order to provide opportunity to exhibit their talents, inter-department tournaments for the students are organized and they are also allowed to participate in inter-college sports meet of Mother Teresa Women’s university zone.

In addition to various inter-collegiate tournaments, state level tournaments are also organized. These tournaments are completely organized by the students which give them an excellent opportunity to enhance their leadership qualities and managerial skills. The physical director supervises and guides the sports and games activities.

Physical education activities, 2 grounds are available for sports tournaments. Outdoor and indoor games such as volley ball, ball badminton,Kabadi , Kho-Kho shuttle cock, basket ball, runningtrack , high jump, skipping, javelin throw, shot put, discuss throw, long Jump, chess and carom are utilized for the purpose.

  • Students who excel in sports are given preference in admission. TA and DA are provided for the students who participate in district and state-level tournaments.
  • Students with Sports certificates are admitted as per the Government norms. Students are coached and well trained to participate in Inter-University / collegiate, District level and State level matches.
  • TA & DA are provided from the sports fund to the students who attend inter University, inter-collegiate events, District and State Level Tournaments.
  • For sports various professional coach are invited to train our students

Sports personnel

Students with District/State level distinctions are admitted in sports quota as per the government norms (3% for UG and 2% for PG). Meritorious students get themselves placed in Humanities and Sciences according to their preference of subjects on the first day of Counseling itself.

Dr.S. Siyamaladevi
Associate Professor And Head
Department of Commerce

2020 - 2021 Sports Events