Website Committee


Under the direction of the Principal and Academic Council, the committee will review and monitor content on the MVMWGAC website periodically, identify areas that need updating or that should be revised, find website content as needed including finding helpful links, College, Department and related information or important articles that will add to the effective online presence of MVMWGAC as an organization, look at ways that MVMWGAC can get involved in social media such as (Facebook and Twitter), communicate via email on a regular basis and by conference call or in-person as deemed necessary by the chair of the committee.

Committee Members

1. Dr. P. Sathiya Bama, Associate Professor & Head, Department of Zoology
2. Dr. S. Krishnaveni, Assistant Professor & Head, Department of Computer Science
3. Dr. A. Subramani. Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science
4. Mrs. J. Sukanya, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science