IQAC - Composition

The following members constitute the IQAC of the Institution for the year 2022-2023
Sr. No. Name of the Faculty Members
1. Dr. D. Lakshmi, Principal Chairman
2. Dr. K. M. Sumathi, Assistant Professor Department of English Coordinator
3. Dr. K. Ramasamy, College Librarian Department of Libray Deputy Coordinator
4. Ms. P. Nirmala, Head, Department of Statistics Member from Faculty
5. Dr. V . Rajalakshmi, Head, Department of Economics Member from Faculty
6. Dr.P.Enola Arutchelvi Parvatha, Head, Department of English Member from Faculty
7. Dr. K. Naganandhini, Head, Department of  Tamil Member from Faculty
8. Dr. P. Sathiyabama, Head, Department of Zoology Member from Society
9. Dr.S. Siyamaladevi, Head, Department of Commerce Member from Society
10. Mrs. E.R.B. Sukanya (Till Oct 30.10.2022),Mrs.P. Sukanthi, Bursar Member from Administrative Staff
11. Mrs. L. Savariammal Priska, Superintendent Member from Administrative Staff
12. Dr. V. Vimala, Professor, MT Unviersity Member from Alumni
13. Ms. Madhavi, Donor MVM Family Management Member
14. Ms. Ambika, IPS Student Member
15. Ms. Rajalakshmi Senthilganesh Student Member
16. Mrs. S. Kavitha, Ph.D. Scholar in English Student Member
17. Ms. M. Nithya, II MA English Student Member