Chemistry Department Profile

Chemistry is one of the significant branches of science which is essential for the existence of life.It is with pride that our department was started with PUC, when our college was founded in 1966. B.Sc. Chemistry course was introduced in the year 1971-1972.

The demand for doing chemistry among the students is increasing year by year. This is revealed by seeing the increase in number of applications received from the candidates every year.

For our B.Sc. students, the curriculum has been introduced many innovative papers like Nano science and technology, medicinal chemistry, polymer chemistry, textile chemistry, analytical chemistry, water treatment, industrial chemistry, clinical chemistry, food chemistry, value education, environmental studies in addition to basic papers like general chemistry, organic, inorganic and physical chemistry which helps the students in mastering the principle and fundamental of chemistry, to develop various skills to face the competitive world, to make awareness about the natural resources, bio diversity, ecosystem, environmental pollution, social issues and problems, etc. The knowledge of these topics makes the students to lead a sustainable life.

In the year 2012, our department started to offer M.Sc. course. This course provides detailed study in Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry & Drug Design, Analytical Techniques, Environmental Chemistry & Green Chemistry, Nano Chemistry & Supramolecular Chemistry which helps to know more and to gain conceptual clarity about the effects and applications of chemistry in various fields. Our PG students are doing project work as part of their curriculum. They are also encouraged to participate and present papers in National and International seminars, conferences and workshops to update their knowledge.

Our department has well equipped laboratories with instruments like Hot plate, Electrical centrifuge, Vacuum pumps, Heating mantles, Electrical Water bath, Magnetic stirrer, Digital pH meter, Hot Air Oven, Visible Spectro Photo Meter, Digital Potentiometer, Ultraviolet Visible Spectro photo Meter, Digital fluoro photo Meter, Rotary Shaker, Demineraliser, Digital Conductivity Meter, Analytical Balance (Digital Shimadzu), etc. which can help the students to do practical and project works.

Our department has produced University rank holders both at the UG and PG level, number of times due to the dedicated work and motivation of our department staff members. Three of our department staff members are our alumni and it is added pride to our department. Every year, our department organizes association meetings, extension activities, industrial visit, field Visit and educational tour to develop overall skills of our students. Every academic year, our department produces around 130 chemists.Our alumni are able to work independently with chemistry at a high level and it is the measure of our success and the foundation of our future.


S.No Name of the Programme(UG/PG) Subject Taught Offered Since
1 UG – B.Sc.  EM Chemistry 1971 - 1972
2 PG – M.Sc. Chemistry 2012 - 2013

(Note: EM – English Medium)