Vision & Mission


  • We envision that the department will continue to build its reputation in undergraduate geography programs in the areas of mapping science, global systems analysis, earth science, environmental analysis and planning, and urban and regional planning.
  • Geography faculty will work to maintain, update, and improve the curricula associated with these outstanding programs.
  • We aim to aid our students in developing the capacity for both innovative and integrative thinking in a variety of professional and intellectual contexts.
  • To lead the development of academic, educational, and research directions of human and natural systems, land cover/and land use change and geospatial information science, harnessing the integrative nature of geographic science to answer fundamental questions of global importance.


  • The Department of Geography is committed to offering to our student the highest quality instruction and mentoring we can provide commensurate with the mission and goals of M.V.Muthiah Govt Arts College, Dindigul. The department’s mission is to provide comprehensive higher educational knowledge, and workforce training programs and services of superior quality that meet individual, business, and community needs by:
  • Offering comprehensive and enriched undergraduate and graduate programs.
  • Encouraging and strengthening the utilization of a broad range of technologies, methods, materials, and facilities, within instructional and support services that accommodate students of diverse backgrounds, interests, and abilities.
  • Creating an environment that facilitates learning through a curriculum that broadens perspectives, leads to responsible citizenship, and sets standards that support the highest level of performance.
  • Championing the university’s vision of seeking a world-class research institution status by faithfully serving the industry and enriching communities by making available evidence-based resources.
  • Conducting disciplinary and integrative research in the physical and social sciences that spans local to global scales, with an emphasis on a geospatial perspective of our changing planet and its sustainability.
  • High quality instruction in the programs leading to majors in Geography, Earth Science, Environmental Analysis and Planning, and Urban and Regional Planning necessitates mastery of a variety of skills in spatial analysis, application of field-based techniques and interpretation, analytical laboratory practices, and the use of technology in addition to a clear understanding of key concepts and basic methodology.
  • Equipping undergraduate and graduate students to meet the challenges associated with the continuing evolution of geographic science while providing them with vibrant and fulfilling educational experiences.
  • Applying geographic science to societal and environmental issues in our state, the nation and the global community.